As a commercial B2B collection agency, Suredebt consult will deploy a variety of tactics to pursue your debt in order to maximize collection efforts.
Whilst common collection methods such as phone calls, sending repeat notices, and threatening the debtor with a lawsuit may fail, we as an agency will employ expertise and experience gannered over the years to effectively and efficiently get the debtor negotiate a payment plan.

For debtors who are more difficult to collect from, our agency may engage the services of a private detective who know lots of ways to locate debtors who no longer answer their phone, have changed phone numbers, or have no known forwarding address. Once located, the debtor may be motivated to pay the debt in order to escape further inquiries. Private detectives may also determine if the debtor has any tangible assets or any other businesses.

Such investigation and information will enable us to decide if the debt is worth the time and money required to go after payment. At the point when a suit must be filed and a lawyer hired, the cost of collection must the weighed against the probability of payment. The bottom line is if there are no assets to recover, then recovery efforts may be futile.

With state of the art computer software and a fully trained staff, all of your collection needs will be handled with maximum efficiency and results. Our clients are drawn from a variety of industries with claims of all sizes.
Customers are also more likely to settle with the organizations that treat them best. Having a state-of-the-art debt collections software that supports the entire debt lifecycle and provides customer interaction through multiple communication channels is a necessity.

At Suredebt Consult, we have achieved a cost-effective compliant collections process focused on retaining the valuable customers that are such a crucial part of our business.
You can now focus on your core business objectives as we streamline and improve your debt collection process while enhancing cash flow and increasing your profitability index.

Our debt collectors take a custom approach on each claim. We review all of the documentation provided by our clients before making the first call.
We try to develop an understanding of the company that owes the money and the individual they are contacting prior to calling. The more insight we have when performing the collection process, the higher the success rate. There typically are two initial factors that are critical to success i.e understanding the real reason the debtor has not paid and understanding the debtor’s personality to determine the best way to negotiate with the individual.

If the debt is collectible, then we will collect it. We have achieved over 90% success rate in our collection efforts.

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